This week Entrepreneurs:Malay Arts Galery

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How are you ? Brothers and sisters. Even Abangabu is really busy thanks to the two students who manage to do this weekly segment for

So this week we have something to do with arts. So , come lets learn something form this entrepreneur.

Here the interview

Name of Shop: Malay Arts Gallery

What kind of business do you have? What inspire you to become an entrepreneur?

We are selling Malay traditional handcraft and musical instrument. I would love to keep the heritage and not let it be forgotten.

Did you need to have a certain mindset to achieve success?

Yes of course we need to have a focus mindset. To be successful in something,we also need to have a lot of patience.

Have you notice a certain advantages to being an entrepreneur?
It is more on the time working hours where it is more flexible.

Is it difficult to get financing for businesses? If so, why and are there any solutions?
Of course but if we know how to maintain and look after our finances properly,it’ll be no problem.

Did you have a mentor to help you get started?
Yes,he is my husband. My family helped out in this business too.

Approximately how much money did you invest before your business became profitable?
It is a lot because our items are mostly antiques and handcrafts so it do take a lot of money to purchase them.

What resources were most helpful to you when you were starting your business?
I get all my items throughout Indonesia,including Riau,Sumatra,Surabaya,Jawa,Bandung and etc.We travel there ourselves to ensure good quality.

What ways have you found to be most effective in marketing your product or service to get sales?
We do not charge for our delivery service as we think that our items are reasonable to counter for the delivery charge. We have websites and blogs so that it is easier for people to know where we are.

What tips can you give others who want to embrace their dream but, don’t have the confidence or feel they don’t have what it takes to succeed?
We have to be brave and always focus in what we do. Do not always give up easily.

How do you manage juggling the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur?
It looks easy but actually its not. We have to make sure that all the things are available,taking orders must be efficient. And if things don’t have,we have to quickly find it. We also do delivery and it must be done well so that the things are not spoilt when reach the customer.

What’s next for you?
For now,not yet because it will be very hard if we think on the long run. If we were to have not just one outlet,we need top buy more stuffs and therefore we have to travel a lot. This takes up a lot of money and time.

Thats great!!!!!! so so much to learn yah….. Anyone have any suggestion do comment in the comment box. Enjoy the entrepreneurial journey ….

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