Simpan Challenge: Ways to save with ease.

Hi brothers and sisters,

It was one of the busiest week that i had this year. With so many talks and seminars and workshops as well coaching . I really enjoy this week and beenĀ  very fruitful and successful.

This week alone i touched 380 over people thru various programs and activities.

From Childrens Workshop , Home Based Business Workshops, Bijak Belanja programs, biz coaching, Simpan Challenge talks and interviews, MAP untuk KAYA workshops. GREAT time .

More than 100 people join in SIMPAN Challenge in the process. A great challenge that every one should participate. Those of you who had join , do spreard the word to others as well and thank you for your support.

Those of you who still not, dont wait just join in and you will be thanking all those involved in SIMPAN Challenge as it is great community project. So join Now


On my learning journey, I manege to sell on ebay as i just starting and learning about it. It is a good way to learn to do internet business for those of you who really scared of starting internet business.

AbangAbu also had started my affiliate on MAP2BRICH program . So now you can also help me in bringing the program to many and also make money by doing it. Be my affiliate NOW

On my learning journey i also come accross the book that change my life to better THINK and GROW RICH and guess what this book is given free of charge and it is the original version , you want to get it before it is over. GET it Now and also make some cash by doing so.

I love THINK and GROW RICH Book.

A lots more i am learning and also improving in my blogging journey and ehem ehem , my blog is making more money from some internet marketing “GURU” in Singapore. hehehehehe.

What is your views about this?

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