Sunday News: Busyness

It was a great week of buzyness for AbangAbu the whole week. Been not updating my facebook and also blog. Today is Sunday morning, AbangAbu manage to create sometime before going of for a office cleaning work and later attending a talk by samson.

Starting with the The Konvensyen DKSJ on sunday ,

It was a great feeling for me as MEKANIK $ were welcomed with lots of expectation , Many opportunities for Mekanik$ in Malaysia soon. Will be writing for some magazines soon in KL and also few Media Appereance will take place too in near future. The most important thing for AbangAbu is that the audience and participants want to learn more and more from Mekanik$.

There were also invitations to speak in few states in Malaysia too by certain organizations. AbangAbu want all prayers from all those who read this to the success of MEKANIK $ in his journey.

The next Day AbangAbu were in Kl spending time with my family . Berjaya Time Square , bowling and eating was what we do. It was fun to be with my family.

TIP from This – Have time to be invested with your family. That is the greatest from of investment.

On Tuesday had TALK @ Breakfast Meeting Great Eastern ( life Insurance Firm) A motivational cum sales talk.

This is a on kind of routine for me as an agency hired me to do bi-weekly coaching for this team. It always good to have super power students and high powered clients. Why? Because this make yo to be always motivated and learning to improve to keep you always ahead of them

TIP from This – Always have people who will push you to the max to deliver what you are capable of.

On Wednesday  AbangAbu was at Bt Batok Secondary school with one of my dearest friend and mentor Mr Nishant Kasibatha ( WORLD RECORD HOLDER FOR MEMORY). It has been always fun when we met especially in trainings. I learn many things from him about memory.

I would want to share just one of what i learn-  TIP for This – If you want to remember anything for lifetime jst have to revise 1 hour after you study , revise again after 1 day revise again after 1 week, revise again 1 month later and revise again after 6 months.

On Thursday morning had my management meeting as I missed the normal monday meeting. It was 2 hours meeting which ends around 12 and AbangAbu have to get ready to KL trip for the first GARAJ WANG workshop with my great friend and mentor IK.

AbangAbu experienced one of the longest bus journey to KL. AbangAbu took the coach at 2.30 pm with the expected normal travelling hours of 5. So that i will have time to get ready for the workshop that starts at 8pm.

I managed to inform IK about it and IK had started the session for 1 hour as schedule. I reached Mid Valley CitiTel hotel just 5 minutes from time for me to start. 9pm i reach and IK saw me and he was relief to see me. hehehehehe

And i was so happy as the turnout of more than 50 pax, lot more than we expected were all geared to get all the new information about Financial Engine that was fresh from Mekanik$.

I have to leave back to Singapore as soon the event finished around 12 mid night, As i have a morning workshop back in singapore .

Tip from This – No matter what we planned , we must always have our mind prepared to face unexpected.However you must not give up. Just believe that you will manage to get what you planed for.

Friday morning at 9am were at a training on family education. Learning to be a great parent. Tip and tricks of managing or kids. It is important to learn new techniques to keep us informed about parenting in this decade.

After friday prayers, around 6pm were at Singapore Institute of Management ( SIM) for a talk on entrepreneurship as  career to about 60 undergrads. It is always fun to energetic to be with young people. They will demand something extraordinary from speakers and presenters. This is why AbangAbu always wanted to be speaking in front of them. You will always be energetic. You will be fit for your other talk.

Tip from This – Understand how important is your stamina, in business as what in speaking too. Train with people that have more energy than you. This will increase your level.

Saturday was usual Program Bijak Belanja. 10am to 1pm and 2 pm to 5pm. It was at Siglap South CC. FANTASTIC sessions with more than 300 people attended and benefited.

One topic that was were discussed in detail was the part of giving donation. Sedekah in Malay.

Many agrees that it is important part of being a human. And the most important in getting the result from donate is by giving without expecting. And give with sincere( ikhlas in Malay)

More session will be happening, there is one coming 28th January at Siglap South CC. If you keen to attend just call up MENDAKI Sense and book your place.

Join in MAP untuk KAYA sesi. KLIK sini

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