No More Excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you making  progress that you want  ?I am individually mentoring a dozen of individuals.Its just happen after talks and seminars that i do people want me to give advice and mentor them. It seems to be the natural results of knowing a lot of ambitious people and offer them advice whenever been asked for.

I always been asking them a lot of questions and it seems that common problem with most of them.They are all making excuse.

Are you moving forward at the pace you set for yourself?If not,  do this today:

1. Take out a sheet of paper and write down your current  Life Goals. You should have four of them .

2. Underneath or next to each,  list three main reason for not accomplishing it.

3.  Take a long hard look at those reasons. Then kiss them goodbye.

4.  Promise yourself you will never use them as excuse again.

This means you will never mention them to anyone. You wont talk about them when you are scared,  tired,  and never ever again  allow them a place in your speech. Nor will you provide them a berth in your thinking.

If you are going to fail, do so properly—–without excuses.

If you are going to succeed, you have to leave those excuses behing you.



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