What’s Holding You ?Part 1

Salam, AbangAbu met with one friend after such a long time (think 4 years ), Jumpa kat Arab Street. I approached him while he was having teh tarek. After saw me he invite me to sit with him and i did as i too were looking for teh tarek .

He told me that now i am very popularlah and always see my articles as well pictures in media and also mentioned to me that i achieve what i wanted. He knew this because we were together when kita semua that time were searching for success.

I asked him apa dia buat? He mentioned that he is working in an advertising agency. Than i realised that he too had similar goals and dreams like me too 4 years ago but he told it is not possible to achieve.

How all of you doing with your goals? Are you on your way or falling behind? If you are not progressing with your goals chances are that you might be tied yourself with some psychological anchors as below:

A medicore self image

When you want to do something towards what you want somehow automatically you see an image of yourself that is not capable of achieving it. Find out what kind of image that is and if it is less impressive change it . Anda tak perlu psychotherapy to change your self image. Begin visualizing your self as winner and achiever. Just do it no matter what you feeling about this. Buat saje . Lihat diri anda berjaya mencapai apa yang anda inginkan.

Fear of Failure

Every one have this in them. Only those who get rid of this can succeed.A fear of failure is healthy feeling because if not we will do some very foolish things. Dont be afraid with it . Work hard to overcome it. Overcome it by learning what ever you afraid of so well that your fear subsides to a healthy minimum level.

Jadi jangan jadikan takut sebagai sesuatu yang tak buat kita mulakan matlamat dan impian kita semua.


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