Workshops everyday for the whole week.

Just feel like writing something about innovation today since this week having a lots of programs related to this topic.

It was all about innovation and i had a very inspiring day and infact i learn so many new things today from the students from Millinea Institue , Had a great time today and i will be having another session tommorow again with the students to complete super innovation projects.

And AbangAbu learnt alot of new things while sharing with them. I come out with one innovative MAGIC that work wonders with the students….. ( hehehe if you want to know do come to my talks and seminars where i might share with you).

I would like to share with you one person that I really admire when come to Business Innovation….. You can learn the same thing that i learn by watching this video…….

Share your views on his ideas….

I will be having tuesday and wednesday BMW Solution Circle _ Place that you find solutions

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