Secret to getting people like you

It is very important making people like you. Even this is not secret to success but i believe it help us to grow and get the support we want.

Recently when i learn something when i were with some popular figures and i noticed that people don’t really come to them even they are very well known. People do approach me and smile at me. What i learn here is that there is some ways in making people to like you.

You must watch yourself always if you are being well mannered.

Here is some questions for you to ask yourself daily…..

1. Do you smile and say “hello” to everyone you meet each day? Even your assistant?

2. Do  you listen attentively when your subordinates speak, even if what they are saying make little or no sense?

3. Do you never raise your voice or lose your temper?

4. Do you say “thank you” every time it’s warranted?

5. Do you criticize people carefully and in private?

6. Do you praise people specifically and in public?

7. Are you careful about your appearance?

8. Do you know the first and last names of all those who report to you?

You practice this and i am very sure you will be liked by all.


  1. Hey…hey….great tips again from Abg Abu… Yeah…
    Its critically important to make others like you when you are in your ups or in your down.

    Certainly, pragmatic tips to be applied in our daily life! 🙂

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