Idul Adha AbangAbu

AbangAbu wishing All brothers and sisters my a wonderful Aidil Adha Celebration. A day that we take the initiative to forgo all things that close to us. Hmmm What i mean is that we sacrifice all the bad things that close to us. Hating others, Il feelings towards others, jealousy of others successes, and all … [Read more…]

UNITY is the KEY.

I am convinced after 5 years dealing with our community that what stop our progress is the lack of unity among us. We lack of the spirit of unity and helping each other or maybe we are only having a very very small percentage of people who believe and practice unity. The reason : unity … [Read more…]

Let’s Inspire somalian

When I heard the news about this. nothing goes into my mind except what i can do about it to inspire the people there, I am in a goal to INSPIRE people by post an inspiration to inspire somalian, Check it out here

Biz Tip: S E L L I N G

ck AbangAbu believe that every one is having great time. Remember only when we feel GREAT than we can overcome any challenges in our life. so ( GET REALLY EXCITED ABOUT TODAY)……… This is one of the most challenging time for entrepreneurs and business however there is always great opportunities ahead as well. One of … [Read more…]

Biz Tip : 4 R

Great day to all my friends , brothers and sisters. For All muslim brothers and sisters AbangAbu wish all of you Ramadhan Mubarak. Today will be the beginning of 1st Ramadhan as well 1st August. This will a great time for AbangAbu introduce a concept that will make your business to strive and get the … [Read more…]


Sempena Bulan Ramadhan mengambil kesempatan untuk mengumpul dana dalam membantu anak anak yatim mendapatkan pakaian hari raya baru. Tahun ini memilih rumah anak yatim berkat di johor bahru sebagai penerimanya. Dana ini juga dikumpulkan dengan menjual paket paket “kurma upin dan ipin” dalam 4 kotak yang berlainan warna 200gram sebuak kotak yang mengandungi … [Read more…]