Tue Tip – S.O.L.I.D

How to really have a SOLID financial condition for ourselves and family. Many people work very hard but than realized that it just did not work to make their financial condition SOLID. in today’s world of speed and economic uncertainties can make even a government become bankrupt. What we can do for ourselves in making … [Read more…]

Langkah-Rahsia (13) – Seminar321Action!

Mengunakan 13 langkah rahsia yang sudah terbukti membawa kejayaan dalam pelbagai bidang. Rahsia 13 Langkah ini telah digunakan oleh semua orang yang mencapai kejayaan dalam perniagaan juga. Akan AbangAbu berkongsi dengan anda semua yang akan bersama sama dengan saya dalam memahami serta menjadikan langkah rahsia 13 membawak kejayaan dalam perniagaan yang sedang atau yang akan … [Read more…]

First Half Review

We are approaching the final stages of the first half of 2011. And I am sure we had been busy all the months “trying” to achieve all the goals that we set in the beginning of the year. And there must be people who had achieved their half year goals and some might forget everything … [Read more…]

JUS Suria Interview

AbangAbu were at Suria TV for a segmen in a program called JUS. And infotainment program that showcase important subjects like wealth , money , business, family , food and ect. This week segment were about business and home. So that is the reason why AbangAbu were invited as a guess to speak about the … [Read more…]


Its been amazing week that AbangAbu had. Full of programs , workshops and talks. And in fact there are also few talks coming this weekend as well. During this i were asked mostly questions on how to stay financial fit. AbangAbu said that they just have to use what AbangAbu’s S.A.I.D

Biz Tip : CHAMP

AbangAbu feel fresh again after complete 2 days off from Business Activities and just spend time doing nothing but with my family. During this time were in the mood of soccer games as my fav team MAN UTD were playing for 2 tittles ( EPL and Champions League) And today while reflecting my 2 days … [Read more…]