Iftar by SMCCI at Tepak Sireh

Today AbangAbu were at the Iftar organized by dewan perniagaan dan perusahaan melayu singapura at Tepak Sireh. Lebih 200 orang yang hadir dan tetamu tetamu seperti Mufti Singapura, Presiden Muis, Menteri kanan Zainul Abiden , Major Zainuldin, Speaker Parlimen , Presiden Jamiyah, ustaz Pasuni dan ramai lagi. Dimajlis itu tadi Dtk Zain presiden Dewan menyampaikan … [Read more…]

Dr M getting well

Salam , News that Dr M one the leaders that i admire most is getting well now. He is recovering after bypass that been done 4 weeks ago. For updates do visit DP Marina Mahathirs blog www.rantingsbymm.blogspot.com May TUN get well faster and the LOAF PAVILION is open in KL ( it Dr M’s bakery)

Positive Thinking!

Many times now i been meeting people with positive thinking who are not really successful in anyway in their life.So i  am getting confused  because of this. I am a promoter of positive thinking  however after keep  noticing people who are positive in their thinking but  not  getting anywhere in their life make me to  … [Read more…]