Biz Tips: WIN

Hi, Again, After long time i am meeting you again in todays biz tips. AbangAbu had read an article recently and felt that it is worth for me to share with all of you. Business is like a game. It means that people want to win. So in business the winning mentality is a must. … [Read more…]

The Number 1 Secret in Promotions

(Nurhafihz (BBA, Marketing) is the guest writer for for Marketing Mondays) In this first Monday Marketing posting, we’re going to discuss strategy when it comes to promotions. Now, we all know that promotions is important: without promoting, it’s hard for your target group to know aboutyour offering. So now we want to promote… what exactly … [Read more…]

Wednesday Wealth:

AbangAbu found that making money or creating wealth during recession will be something that we want to know. And i believe that few tips below can get us started to get to begin our journey. SO enjoy reading and than do sit still but take action by applying it. Few people realize that getting rich … [Read more…]

Sunday NEWs

Hi all, i hope all of you are really enjoying this December and i believe many are in the holiday mood. AbangAbu were really busy with so many things going on this December. Some of the updates on what happening . AbangAbu was in the Kpak Bing Bing for the coming January season2. It was … [Read more…]

This week updates

A AbangAbu had an interesting event with a small group of youth’s from an organization. This youths are very talented and had many ideas. This is part of social thing that AbangAbu involve in. AbangAbu will be guiding these group to come out with something that they will work on to become successful. B Tuesday … [Read more…]