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Tersentuh hati AbangAbu mendengar seorang peserta yang datang ke satu sesi AbangAbu . Seorang wanita yang berumur lebih kurang 58 tahun dan tidak beberapa sihat kerana mempunya penyakit lemah badan yang kuat. Ini memaksa beliau tidak dapat melakukan sebarang pekerjaan.

Mempunyai 4 orang anak dimana yang paling tua berusia 22 tahun yang berkerja sambilan di KFC , dan suami beliau berkerja sebagai pengurus stor. pendapatan bulanan mereka adalah $1800.

AbangAbu memang sedar bahawa untuk mengurus sebuah keluarga dengan 1800 di Singapura memang sukar dengan juga kos kos perubatan.

Dalam sesi itu beliau berkongis yang mereka selalu tidak makan kerana tiada duit untuk mereka membeli barang barang memasak.

AbangAbu amat prihatin akan nasib anak anak mereka , apa kah akan terjadi? Ada ini hanya satu satu kes sebegini atau banyak lagi yang menimpa nasib yang sama?Apakah yang harus sebagai masyarakat kita lakukan untuk mengubah nasib nasib orang seperti

kakak Nur Aisah Binte Ibrahim… yang tinggal dikawasan Jurong West. AbangAbu ingin meminta sesiapa yang ingin menderma agar keluarga ini akan mendapat makan yang mencukupi. Anda boleh call kakak ini sendiri sekiranya ingin memberikan bantuan HP:84322434.

AbangAbu memang sedih sangat selepas mendengar cerita beliau dihadapan lebih kurang 55 perserta yang datang. Moga moga Allah akan meringankan beban keluarga ini.

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Great readers and my beloved friends, brothers and sisters. All praises to ALLAH. the creator of the universe.

It been a proud moment for me to been awarded ASEAN OUTSTANDING YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR AWARD in HANOI ,  city of Vietnam on the 14th October 2011.

A number of 4 from Singapore were selected and to receive the award. Including SHAKE SHUSHI owner Mr Douglas Foo , FREIGHT LINKS Owner Eric , Synergu Group mr henry and myself.

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Salam and a great time to all my readers and supporters.

It have been around a week that AbangAbu have not been posting any info in my blog. Today i get an email from a reader who been waiting for a while for my next posting and that made to immediately write something here to make sure that my loyal readers will get updates and info.

Today , i don have any idea on tips for this blog writing. However i would like to share with all my readers things that going on around me. That might be a great thing for you too.

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A team of 5 youth from UTHM Malaysia had taken up a project to run. This are a team of graduates from UTHM that very passionate of running their own business after graduation.

The commitment that they showed had convince AbangAbu to provide guidance and support as well work together on a project that i believe a noble project.

A project to instill entrepreneurial spirit among the kids in Malaysia thru some practical workshop called MBA 4 Kidz.

The Buddies with Mekanik$

I am sure this is a project that align with the government of Malaysia vision, and also the aspirations of more younger generation to be involved in business, the kids are going to learn some skills that will last a life time.

June 16, 2011 6 comments
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Today AbangAbu would like to ask you a question ? Would you like to have your business suddenly known by many people and be on TV, interviewed on radio , getting full page or even free publicities from News paper, Magazine and getting invitations from many organizations asking you to speak at their events?

If you dont want such things than , you dont have to click below. However If you want that to happen to you and your business than click below

June 2, 2011 3 comments
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AbangAbu amat gembira untuk memberikan berita ini kepada semua yang berada di Singapura juga Johor Bahru.

Seorang ‘ICON’ dalam dunia perniagaan internet masyarkat Melayu di Nusantara ini. Seorang pemuda yang telah menempah nama juga mencapai million dollar mark pada usia 25 tahun. Seorang yang amat di hormati oleh semua IM -IM di Malaysia.

Seorang yang telah membawa revolusi INTERNET di MALAYSIA.

lihat sendiri di sini akan kejayaan beliau http://irfankhairi.com

Dr Irfan akan berada di Singapura pada 28 May 2011 . Satu workshop selama 4 jam bersama beliau akan berlangsung di Singapura.

Date: Saturday , 28th May
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Venue:Republic Poly . LTE5 Woodland ave 9

***********1.30pm – Registration Starts

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Mekanik$ coaching provides many of the usual tools and instruction provided by other educational resources including how-to instruction on investment strategy, risk management, leverage, mathematical expectation, continuity income, and much more.

The difference is mekanik$ coaching takes all this a step further by helping you integrate all this instruction with your internal game – your thinking and habitual practices that convert all that knowledge into action so you produce tangible results. You won’t find this combination assembled in a single package anywhere else…

  1. You get the support and tools necessary to bridge the gap between desire and producing actual results. This includes a personalized wealth plan so that you know step-by-step what you need to do, accountability so that you do it with enough persistence to reach the goal, and process coaching so that you overcome the obstacles that would have previously derailed you.
  2. You get the benefit of an experienced mentor who has walked the path before you saving you time and money. Not only that, but with mekenaik$ coaching you also benefit from the experience gained by all the clients who have walked the same path before you as well.
  3. Finally, with mekanik$ coaching you receive financial education that is not tainted with hidden sales incentives or other conflicts of interest. Your mekanik$’s only goal is to help you build wealth.

Consider this…

  • Top athletes use performance coaches to stay on top of their game.
  • Oscar winning actors use acting coaches.
  • Award winning singers use voice coaches.

The reason is simple. Coaching provides a competitive advantage for professional athletes and business professionals alike.

Fast Company magazine reported that up to 40% of Fortune 500 companies hire coaches to improve their businesses. A study by the Manchester Review showed the output of executives involved in coaching programs averaged 5.7 times higher than the initial investment.

There is a reason why top performers in a wide variety of specialized fields employ coaches.It produces results.

Get the $50 – 1 hour trial session over a breakfast at any coffee shop. This service is offered daily ( monday to Friday from 8am to 9am ) . So you can just book this coaching service by

calling direct 91463164 or text to +65 9146 3164,

email – abangabu@nowasia.sg  .

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All praise to Almighty who have created the opportunity to begin a change in community becoming vibrant financially. I am amazed with everything that happens. Since it were just a thought in my mind till it be out there as a gift to the community.

The journey began with support from close friends and mentors. Than come teams to support but it was a lesson that i learn. To be more clear in communication. However i been courages in making it clear and seeking support, yet i failed to get the support.

Soon , more people pull out from being in the team and left with me alone looking for support from Almighty. I stay to my decision to carry on as this is for Almighty. I am looking for a WIN WIN with anyone who would like to join in the team, however many were just to take advantage and having self motive for themselves.

February 24, 2011 1 comment
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