OCTOBER Opportunities.

Salam and a great time to all my readers and supporters. It have been around a week that AbangAbu have not been posting any info in my blog. Today i get an email from a reader who been waiting for a while for my next posting and that made to immediately write something here to … [Read more…]

MBA 4 Kidz

A team of 5 youth from UTHM Malaysia had taken up a project to run. This are a team of graduates from UTHM that very passionate of running their own business after graduation. The commitment that they showed had convince AbangAbu to provide guidance and support as well work together on a project that i … [Read more…]

Irfan Khairi ‘LIVE’ di Singapore

AbangAbu amat gembira untuk memberikan berita ini kepada semua yang berada di Singapura juga Johor Bahru. Seorang ‘ICON’ dalam dunia perniagaan internet masyarkat Melayu di Nusantara ini. Seorang pemuda yang telah menempah nama juga mencapai million dollar mark pada usia 25 tahun. Seorang yang amat di hormati oleh semua IM -IM di Malaysia. Seorang yang … [Read more…]

Mekanik$ – $50-$/bizCoaching

Mekanik$ coaching provides many of the usual tools and instruction provided by other educational resources including how-to instruction on investment strategy, risk management, leverage, mathematical expectation, continuity income, and much more. The difference is mekanik$ coaching takes all this a step further by helping you integrate all this instruction with your internal game – your thinking and habitual … [Read more…]

CABARAN101010- Hard Truth 1st draft.

All praise to Almighty who have created the opportunity to begin a change in community becoming vibrant financially. I am amazed with everything that happens. Since it were just a thought in my mind till it be out there as a gift to the community. The journey began with support from close friends and mentors. Than come … [Read more…]


GREAT is the feeling that i am having always no matter any condition and any situation i am facing. GREAT is all about GRATITUDE. Cabaran101010 is all about feeling and taking responsibility on ones self, family, community and religion. And I am really excited with many new opportunities that members of cabaran family is getting … [Read more…]