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Bad Mood? What to do?

Hi all,  What do you do when in bad mood?

Well i believe being moody is your enemy, because it takes away your energy and also steals your ideas, this will make you lose your enthusiasm and spirit you need to motivate yourself.

Anger, fear, cynicism have no place place in your business or personal life. If you let them in than that will cost you your success.

Well i do have bad moods and here is some simple things that i do when i m feeling low.

1. I forgive myself for feeling that way.

2. I count on my blessing( getting closer to the GREAT MIND

3. I take a nap( favorite) You will be surprised by how a short nap will bring back the energy in you.So get some great sleep.

4. I will call up some upbeat people to spend some time . They will cheer you up back . Important to have those kind of people around you.

5. I will get into soccer as this is the only time when i forget everything and focus solely on the game. I will be fresh again mentally every time i finish my soccer game.

6. I will follow the Dale Carnegie’s principle Don’t Criticize, Don’t  Condemn  Don’ Complain.

7. i will compose a list what i should do and take the first job and focus on finishing it and only i will focus on that one thing till it is done. you will surprised with that single focus energy you will get major jobs can be done so fast.  the power of SEX=: S= Single focus E= Energy , X= Xtra

Jadi kalau rasa bosan because of your work or anything just try out the things that i been doing when i m in that mood and i will be back with full of energy.


Positive Thinking!

Many times now i been meeting people with positive thinking who are not really successful in anyway in their life.So i  am getting confused  because of this.

I am a promoter of positive thinking  however after keep  noticing people who are positive in their thinking but  not  getting anywhere in their life make me to  question myself whether positive thinking is enough to be successful ?

The idea of the idea is easy to understand:If success depends merely on the way you think, it is both easily and instantly possible. Let say  if  i want to be  the great footballer than what i need to do is put the ideas in my head.Be positive about it than …. it happens. It is like that what i wish than i become.

W hen i do survey my successful friends i know, they line up equally on both sides of the optimism/pessimism line.

Several of my friends are extremely optimistic but financial failures. I do however know some very successful optimism, as well as plenty of rich and powerful. I know few failures as well.

The bottom line : I cant say there is a correlation between how you feel and whether you are successful.

So what does separate the loser from the winners if its not their attitude? The answer is easy to answer. The difference lies in what they DO.

Successful people do the things success requires:

* they dream about being successful

* they set goals

* they get to work early

* they do important rather than busy work

* they network

* they have bias for action

What do failures do? Thats simple too:

* they dream about goofing off.

* they try to do as little work as possible.

* they shirk responsibility

* they watch a lot of television

* they blame their failings on others.

The secret to success is action, not attitude. It doesn’t matter what your attitude is. What  matters is what you do with your time. If you do the right things- the very things i am urging you to do – you will be successful regardless of your emotional condition or mental attitude. If you do wrong things, no amount of positive thinking will save you.

If you want to succeed in life, don’t spend any time looking at yourself in the mirror and shouting. Dont bother singging happy songs or walking on coals.Dont even spend much time reading about positive thinking, instead start doing something positive.

Bagi you all semua, again i nak katakan dari pengalaman AbangAbu sendiri dimana perbuatan atau ACTION lah menyebabkan semua yang AbangAbu inginkan semua terjadi.

What you get when wake at 3am?

Three o’clock seems very extreme to get up for most of us!!! But at least Ramadhan gives us the chances to wake up as early as 3 or 4 in the morning for sahur.

I have been practicing this for sometimes now. Have you ever been involved in some projects thats makes you wake 3 in morning?

It amazing what you can do do when you are consumed by passion.Wake up early, work long hours, skip meals, focus with laser sharp intensity. And you can do it again again .

I think you are lucky if that kind of passion comes into your life once or twice. And if stays with you for years and drives you and than i believe you are blessed.

How you can get that kind of passion? Passion does not comes from people or things at all.Passion comes from you and only from you. And it goes wherever you want it to.

I enjoy wake up early and start working on my passion. If you want passion if your life, there is only one way to get it. CARE. Care about your career, care about your spouse , care about your family, care about your house, care about your country. The more you care the greater your passion. The greater your passion , the earlier you wake up to tend to what you care about.

Jadi apa yang AbangAbu ingin sampaikan disini adalah agar sedalam mana kasih kita terhadap sesuatu maka sedalm itulah passion kita. Kerana cinta pada agama kita lah yang menyebabkan kita sanggup bangun awal untuk bersahur maka jika kita mempunyai kasih kita pada sesuatu maka inilah yang akan membuat kita untuk melalukan perkara yang pada mulanya begitu sukar. seperti bangun awal untuk mulakan kerja kerja yang akan membawa kita mencapai matlamat kita.

AbangAbu doakan agar semua pembaca agar diberikan passion untuk mencapai impian mereka.


What’s Holding You ?Part 2

Lack of specific goals.

This is an important aspect that you should look into if things are not moving are you are not getting started. Many of us never move ahead because we dont really have specific goal.

We may have many things that we wanted but rarely we will get it done as we dont really know the specific goal so that we can focus our mind on it.

Do get to know yourself and than the real thing that you want in life. By doing this you will able to get specific things that you can start to do until you achieve that goal.

Jadi dapatkan satu matlamat utama yang akan membuatkan anda mulakan bagi mendapatkan matlamat tadi.


This is the BIG one. Inilah masalah paling dasyat yang menyebebkan kita tak pernah mulakan sesuatu.Laziness is No1 reason people dont succeed and procastination is No1 killer of wealth.

You can get yourself charge up by reading books and going to seminar, but having a high charge wont get you where you want to go. You have do do something and work hard in order to accomplish your big goals.

How to do it? Start by waking up early every morning and dont stop working until everything on your to do list for each day is done.

Jadi gunakan amalan di Ramadhan untuk memulakan sifat baru bangun awal dan habiskan semua to do list yang perlu dilaksanakan pada hari tersebut. Okie…

AbangAbu ucapkan selamat berpuasa untuk semua agar setiap amalan kita akan di berkati.


What’s Holding You ?Part 1

Salam, AbangAbu met with one friend after such a long time (think 4 years ), Jumpa kat Arab Street. I approached him while he was having teh tarek. After saw me he invite me to sit with him and i did as i too were looking for teh tarek .

He told me that now i am very popularlah and always see my articles as well pictures in media and also mentioned to me that i achieve what i wanted. He knew this because we were together when kita semua that time were searching for success.

I asked him apa dia buat? He mentioned that he is working in an advertising agency. Than i realised that he too had similar goals and dreams like me too 4 years ago but he told it is not possible to achieve.

How all of you doing with your goals? Are you on your way or falling behind? If you are not progressing with your goals chances are that you might be tied yourself with some psychological anchors as below:

A medicore self image

When you want to do something towards what you want somehow automatically you see an image of yourself that is not capable of achieving it. Find out what kind of image that is and if it is less impressive change it . Anda tak perlu psychotherapy to change your self image. Begin visualizing your self as winner and achiever. Just do it no matter what you feeling about this. Buat saje . Lihat diri anda berjaya mencapai apa yang anda inginkan.

Fear of Failure

Every one have this in them. Only those who get rid of this can succeed.A fear of failure is healthy feeling because if not we will do some very foolish things. Dont be afraid with it . Work hard to overcome it. Overcome it by learning what ever you afraid of so well that your fear subsides to a healthy minimum level.

Jadi jangan jadikan takut sebagai sesuatu yang tak buat kita mulakan matlamat dan impian kita semua.


Deadline!!!!! Important or Not?

Salam all? How are you? GREAT…… I believe all great. AbangAbu just nak tulis sikit today as i learn something very important thing.

Lately ramai yang meet abangabu on many things. Ada pasal bisnes , investments and all sort of things. AA rasa happy sebab ini menunjukkan yang ramai yang ingin untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup dengan mulakan sesuatu.

AA rasa happy bila orang yang berjumpa very excited to start on their journey on whatever they want to do.

AbangAbu pun dulu banyak jumpa orang sebab nak majukan diri sendiri. However AA dapati bahawa ramai diantara kita tidak punyai satu masa yang ditetapkan untuk melakukan sesuatu.

Misalnya ramai dah abis jumpa kata akan mulakan ASAP(as soon as possible) tapi malangnya hanya AA dapat tahu asap(smoke). hehehehehe.

AA rasa setiap benda yang kita nak lakukan kena ada dead line. Kalau tidak benda tak bergerak. Ini lah yang AbangAbu learn when bila banyak yang AA buat dulu tak jadi. Rupanya sebab takde deadline. Now AA apa apa pun kena ada dead line baru things move smoothly.

Tips EMAS AbangAbu

Sentiasa set deadline setiap kali you agree on something and juga pastikan orang yang anda buat perjanjian juga ada deadline untuk melakukan sesuatu.

Kita boleh adakan deadline ASAP sesekali tetapi ianya tidak sihat jika dilakukan sentiasa. DEADLINE amat penting untuk semua orang dan semua perkara.

Bicara Bisnez

Salam all,

Apa Khabar semua… It was great to see ramai datang for the talk at masjid kassim. Really happy to see many of my MAP untuk KAYA participant. Even from my first batch 5 months ago.

Semua happy and ada datang pada AbangAbu abd tell that their project masa kelas MAP now dah $9000 . Sedap hati AA dengar sebab peserta ni dulu masa first time datang my class very low self esteem. Now dah rasa more confident and dia in an unstopable mood lah. Well done.

And also satu lagi pasangan yang datang my first batch were there and datang to jumpa saya and tell me that they have something important to share pasal their MAP untuk KAYA project. They said they dah nak launch it soon. I masih belum tahu what it is but they told me it is the MAP project.

Dalam sesi BicaraBisnes kali ini AbangAbu cuba satu kaedah baru pula, Sikit beragan nak jadi macam ellen show konon. But niat AA sebenarnya nak ketengahkan sesiapa yang ada something yang boleh help community kita. SO muncul Cik HANIS yang AA intro kat audience sebab dia pakar dalam bidang literacy coaching. Dia can help parents and kids on handling reading and maths problem.

Nengok calender untuk go for her talk at masjid raudah…..

Tip Emas….

Mulakan untuk melakukan sesuatu jika kita nak capai matlamat kita. Ramai yang selalu kata sahaja tapi tak nak lakukan. Kalau gitu memang takan capai matlamat kita. Buat apa sahaja sekali pun kerana kejayaan dicapai kerana tindakan yang di lakukan dan bukan semata mata kerana nasib.

Ingat sujimy kata budak bawah blok pun boleh KAYA.dan dia buktikan kerana dia melakukannya dan buka kata sahaja.