Talks Marathon Saturday

Hi everyone.  How Are You? GREAT i believe. How was your week ?  Mine was GREAT. Alhamdullilah.

I had marathon of talks and seminars satrting from friday morning till sunday.

AbangAbu started the friday as normal and we had our SMCCI AGM and selection of new team for the next 2 years term. AbangAbu have served SMCCI as managment committee the last term and also as V-Chairman for YEN@SMCCI.

AbangAbu  will serve as a Management Committe with SMCCI again for the next to year and my involvement with YEN will be soon known and decide by the new president Mr Rohim. This will give me the opportunity to help more people who looking to start or grow your businesses. The friday was done.

Saturday morning , abangabu were at Yio Chu Kang Grassroot conducting a talks for the Grassroot leaders for Central CDC on Money Kompas. It was well received by all and looking forward to bring my money Kompas to mainstream community as well.

Later , i was at Mujahirin Mosque conducting Bijak Belanja, again was fun fill event and lots of interactions with the participants. The chairman of the Mosque keen on bringing abangabu again for their youth program insya allah. For any MMO’s who keen of conducting PBB please call Mendaki . It will be funded.

Than i was at kembangan , Salem Chesty for anothe session of money kompas talk for smaller group till magrib . This is a self help group that support new muslim brothers and sisters on learning more about ISLAM.

After ISYAK , AbangAbu was in the forum AKU NAK KAYA together with Ustaz Tarmizi . The moderator was Ustaz Zaki. It was a forum organized by Masjid Al Khair. This mosque seems to be very active. And supprisingly according to the organizor the event was success as many turn out to the forum and also they participated well. AbangAbu felt this is nother way to reach more people by having mix or religious and life skills together. Some thing like entertainement , our communnity also strong presence in religous events.

AbangAbu will have my first private M.A.P untuk KAYA for a family of 8 in Yishun at their home. This is new and exciting as well.

PS: Do look up for the winners of WCC insya allah latest by Monday.

Bimbing 09 – Taman Warisan Melayu

Salam , AbangAbu ada pat taman Warisan for the Bimbing 09.

Turn out bagus for 2 hari . AbangAbu ada 2 sessions . 1 jam kedua dua hari tersebut.

AbangAbu rasa the way to make more participants adalah by combining education and entertaiment. Dengan cara ini , we can reach many people. AbangAbu rasa minda masyarakat kita masih perlu entertainment , jadi semua yang buat entertainment , do include educational seminars and talks juga.

Maybe pasal duit, education, motivation, and parenting jugak , kesihatan dan lain lain.

nak share some pictures…..

Biz Tips : L E A R N

Hi all brothers and sisters,

How have you all been? GREAT i believe. Sign of receession is at its bottom can be seen now. This is the time many will start to feel the result of reccession. Smart investors and entrepreneurs will now start to look for opportunities. This is the right time to hunt for bargains.

If you want to know how to identify , Abangabu want to share this , Look what is happening when all our singapore leaders are having visits to many countries. Especially Malaysia, certain countries in middle east. eastern europe. So a simple tip , just follow them.

Recently AbangAbu started a coaching service for those who run businesses and new start ups. Some common challenges that they are facing is overcoming objections.

Because they cant handle objections they lose many prospects as well potential clients. So how to overcome objections. AbangAbu want to share a method that you can LEARN to master objection handling.

The method is  L E A R N … learn this and you will be a master that will help improve your business.


Listen to them with concern on their objections.By listening carefully , you will identify thier real needs and how important things are to them.


Echo back what you heard to show that you understand and to get the other person to elaborate further to give you the full details of their objections.


Acknowledge the objection and check that they agree that this is their only reason for not buying.Set up a possible concession close so that if you can handle their objections you will get the sale.


Reverse the objections by turn around using ‘yes’ , ‘but’ or other methods to show how the truth is in fact the reverse of what was being objected.


New opportunities will always arise when there is an objection. Look out for that new opportunities from this person . It can be other product or service or even someone that he might know that will want what we have.

Simply using this LEARN method you will be able to learn to become a master in objection handling.

I believe this will give you a better chance is getting and closing a deal.

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This Week Entrepreneur: Aine Jewellery Pte Ltd

Great Day to brothers and sisters.

Today i am happy to share with you the interview that be done recently by Nadia and Syirah.

If you know someone that will be good to be featured in this blog do let us know. Can email me at

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Name of Shop: Aine Jewellery Pte Ltd

  1. What kind of business do you have? What inspire you to become an entrepreneur?

We sell Gems and jewellery (directly and through wholesale). We supply retailers such as Poh Henh & Taka Jewellery. We provide service where customer say what they want and we design for them.

  1. Did you need to have a certain mindset to achieve success?

Yes,of course!

  1. Have you notice a certain advantages to being an entrepreneur?

Yes,the time is very flexible.

  1. Is it difficult to get financing for businesses? If so, why and are there any solutions?

From the start I have already had a good source of finance.

  1. Did you have a mentor to help you get started?

No,i learn from myself.I start it on my own.

  1. Approximately how much money did you invest before your business became profitable?

Approximately $200,000.

  1. What resources were most helpful to you when you were starting your business?

We usually get our emeralds from Columbia and South America. For gems on the other hand,we get them from New York. For the diamonds,we’ve got them from Belgium.

  1. What ways have you found to be most effective in marketing your product or service to get sales?

Usually my company uses long-time publicity such as in reference books and in magazines just for jewelleries. We do hold exhibitions such as the recent one at Suntec City in the Jewellery Exhibition 2008.

  1. What tips can you give others who want to embrace their dream but, don’t have the confidence or feel they don’t have what it takes to succeed?

We should start big and have big investment so as to increase the chance of profit.But do your own calculation. Understand the risk and also your available resources.

  1. How do you manage juggling the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur?

We managed it well. We must plan our day and keep track very closely. Make self for our family and social life as well.

  1. What’s next for you?

We are already currently having a lot of offices in Bangkok,Hongkong,Indonesia,Columbia,Europe and South America.

Biz Tip : F A S T


AbangAbu want to share an intresting TIP that just out from my mind. While sitting at my table doing an agreement for a client on business coaching. As business coaching is something that i just add to my services , AbangAbu was thinking on how to get FAST growth in the new service that i provide.

In that matter i was thinking no matter what ever that we want to make it FAST in our business is possible. Than i had the secret of getting it fast. Using the acronym FAST.

F- Focus

Focus on what you do is the most critical in achieving our goals. Focus on only one thing and do it great. All fast achievers of their goals agreed that single focus help them to  get it fast. So do you focus on what you do and is that the one thing that you really focus?

A- Attention

Pay Attention to every single matter that related to your goal. It can be a simple feedback, critics or even congratulation notes. Pay attentions on what happen outside world related to what you doing, your industry, technologies, governments initiatives.

S- Strategies

Dont ever stay with just one strategy in doing something. test different ways and look for the best way . Learn from successful businesses and look at the way they do things. look inside an organization that always create success. Do you have stratergies?  Without right stratergy you will have to pay a big price and have to wait.

T- Target

Know your target. Set the target. Plan. Work towards your target, Keep track . Understand what you need , resources and all that it takes to get to your goal.

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Berita Ekoniaga Kelab

Salam ,

Kelab Ekoniaga Berita Harian, semua ahli kelab.

Ramai ahli tertanya tanya mengenai aktiviti aktiviti kelab ekoniaga. Sudah lama tidak ada aktiviti. Insya Allah Kelab Ekoniaga akan kembali menemui ahli ahli dengan banyak aktiviti aktiviti untuk ahli serta masyarakat melayu khasnya.

Salah satu acara yang akan dilangsungkan tidak lama lagi adalah Financial Literacy Program akan dikendalikan tidak lama lagi( Bulan Ogos). Anda akan terima berita yang lebih lengkap setelah semua butiran di kemaskinikan.

Sebagai sebuah kelab (non profit) kelab ekoniaga akan beroperasi untuk masyarakat. Sebarang pertanyaan atau pandangan boleh dikemukan pada abangabu sendiri melalui email

Jika ahli kelab mempunyai sebarangan pandangan atau apa apa aktiviti yang boleh mendatangkan manfaat kepada ahli sila juga tampil kehadapan.

Biz Tips:M.A.P

Dear brothers and sisters,

The weekend was great for AbangAbu . As per normal had Bijak Belanja Program on saturday, this time at Al mukminin for elektif 2 . Around 80 people was ther and we had a great time learning and having fun as well.

Than sunday was at sengkang CC for another program Anti- recession Workshop.

Some pictures available pat my facebook.

From this 2 workshop what AbangAbu learnt was to have MAP in whatever we are doing. To become succesful businessman or to build successful business you must have a MAP to achieve it.

Today ABANGABU want to share again about a thing that is called MAP.

just like when u look for a place that you want to go you will have to look at a map. Similar in life you need to look at you own MAP .


This is a very important subject to think about. Many people just ignore the fact that this is the one most critical part in achieving your success. How to know what is your own mindset is all about. You will never know until u look deep inside you. It is the sub conscious mind that control whatever that you want. Do you know about it?


This is the connector in getting whatever you want in your life. Many have a wrong impression that just with positive mindset you will get anything without putting effort. How stupid will that be to think like that. Just by being positive in life will not make you successful but might bring you into deep trouble.  What will connect you to the dream or goals that you set is the action part. What did you do , how often you do it, how long you do it and how correctly you do things that you should do.       Question yourself all this power questions.


Well , many people fail to plan and even you are taking the right action or even having right mindset will not help if you dont plan it properly. PLAN is the key in sticking you towards your goal, PLAN makes u aware on the progress that you make and also will help you to understand on what to be done in order to get your goals.

Today , start to review your ownself. Check within you if you have a MAP to succeed in whatever you want. Be it Business or Financce.

Get yourself a MAP by get it a  MAP2BRICH ecoaching.

PS:MAP untuk KAYA workshop free on the 10th JUNE 2009 at 25 Peck Seah Street .730pm to 930pm

Belia dan Biznes: 5 June 2009


Abang Abu
PENJENAMAAN atau branding sering dianggap hanya untuk perniagaan besar.

AbangAbu rasa sudah sampai masa bagi peniaga Melayu kita membina jenama untuk mendapat pasaran yang lebih luas.

Sering kali juga, usahawan menganggap penjenamaan memerlukan banyak wang.

Hakikatnya, mendapatkan khidmat pakar penjenamaan memang bukan murah. Namun, Abangabu akan memberikan tip-tip bagi anda mengorak langkah tanpa mengeluarkan kos yang tinggi.


Ia amat berguna. Namun anda tidak perlu mendapatkan logo yang eksklusif.

Yang penting, biar apa jua logo pilihan anda, ia harus dimanfaatkan, baik dalam kad nama, surat, invois, risalah atau pintu pejabat dan sebagainya.


Mempunyai laman web profesional amat penting dalam membina jenama anda.

Laman web anda ini akan memaparkan imej perniagaan serta diri anda. Dengan mempunyai laman web yang baik, ia dapat bantu meningkatkan keyakinan bakal pelanggan anda.

Pastikan juga laman anda sentiasa dikemas kini.


Satu lagi cara membina jenama adalah dengan memulakan blog sendiri.

Ini boleh dilakukan secara percuma. Dapatkan blog percuma di

Untuk contoh, bolehlah anda ke blog sendiri.


Siapkan satu profil syarikat anda. Profil ini tidak perlu lebih daripada satu muka surat.

Isikan maklumat yang mudah dibaca mengenai syarikat anda. Ini akan menjadikan perniagaan anda lebih profesional.

Walau sekecil mana pun perniagaan anda, mewujudkan profil syarikat yang menarik akan memberikan keyakinan kepada pelbagai pihak.


Hadirkan diri dan kenalkan perniagaan anda kepada sesiapa sahaja dan di mana sahaja.

Pastikan anda mempunyai kad nama ke mana sahaja anda pergi. Ini adalah antara cara terbaik bagi membina jenama syarikat atau perniagaan anda.


Jenama anda akan lebih dikenali jika anda melakukan hanya satu perkara atau bidang yang memang menjadi kepakaran anda.

Dengan ini jenama anda akan dikenali untuk perkara tersebut. Ini penting bagi menjadikan anda sebagai seorang pakar.


Untuk membina jenama yang ulung, semua orang terlibat harus memainkan peranan masing-masing.

Pekerja anda harus diberikan ilmu dalam menjaga imej jenama yang dibina itu manakala pelanggan anda perlu mempunyai pandangan positif terhadap jenama anda.

Ringkasnya, strategi penjenamaan amat penting dalam mencapai kejayaan jangka panjang niaga anda.

Ramai usahawan berpendapat penjenamaan adalah sekadar mewujudkan logo yang menarik. Ini tidak benar sama sekali.

Penjenamaan adalah lebih kepada menjaga emosi serta minda pelanggan anda terhadap imej perniagaan anda.

Dalam membina jenama yang terkenal, anda harus memulakannya daripada awal lagi.

Dewan Perniagaan dan Perusahaan Melayu Singapura (DPPMS) melalui Pusat Pembangunan Keusahawan (EDC) menawarkan khidmat penjenamaan.

Beberapa pihak swasta juga menawarkan harga yang rendah, mengikut profil sesebuah perniagaan.

Hanya satu syarikat Melayu yang telah memulakan khidmat penjenamaan di sini – dapatkan maklumat di

AbangAbu berharap dengan adanya khidmat seperti ini dapat membantu usahawan kita membina jenama yang dikenali bukan sahaja di sini, malah di persada antarabangsa.

Untuk maklum balas serta pandangan, sila e-mel Juga dapatkan pelbagai tip niaga di blog