Belia Dan Bisnes : Produktif dalam perniagaan dan diri anda

29 Jan 2010 EKONIAGA BELIA DAN BISNES Produktif dalam perniagaan dan diri anda Oleh Abang Abu BARU-BARU ini, kita pasti mendengar atau membaca mengenai isu produktif dalam perniagaan dan diri anda di akhbar serta radio. Malah para pemimpin juga membincangkan mengenainya. Untuk Singapura terus maju serta bersaing dengan negara-negara lain maka produktiviti harus dipertingkat.

The book that turn me on!!!!!

AbangAbu want to share how a book that turn me into what i am today. A book that inspired me to understand life. A book that can be read again again and you will never get bored. AbangAbu is talking about man written book here. The story goes like this ………… AbangAbu was a person … [Read more…]

Sunday News: Busyness

It was a great week of buzyness for AbangAbu the whole week. Been not updating my facebook and also blog. Today is Sunday morning, AbangAbu manage to create sometime before going of for a office cleaning work and later attending a talk by samson. Starting with the The Konvensyen DKSJ on sunday , It was … [Read more…]

How to calculate Inflation

Yesterday in KL, Doing Geraj Wang. Best sekali. 50pax attended the first ever Garaj Wang. It was so fun and great feedback. Insya Allah Garaj Wang akan bergerak ke serata Malaysia. Satu soalan from peserta , How to calculate inflation? The answer is here so that everyone will understand.

Kids Business! How ?

It was an amazing time AbangAbu had in Kl Berjaya Times Square Hotel for the DKSJ. After the talk by Muhammad Ahshik , the 13 year old entrepreneur and record holder for youngest author for a business book , many participants asked me to have workshops and community for the kids to start business. As … [Read more…]

Biz Tips : UPSELL

Hi again. How have been the 2010 begins for you? AbangAbu had a very exciting start and also some sad news about my niece dead. She passed away because of kidney failure. May creator will bless her soul. Today is tuesday again. Today AbangAbu have an interesting tip as usual. Many business dont really understand … [Read more…]