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Yesterday we had a BMW Solution Circle . It was a great time sharing and discussing on all the technical and well business part.

If you have any issue about business , money , wealth issue than come for the next one?

One of the participants respond make me think of something  called SUCCEED.

So everyone start business to succeed in it………. However what to start and how to get idea and motivation to start business?

People start business because:

S= satisfying in accomplished something or done something that people like. So they start something

U= unmet wants and needs in the market. Sometime there are things that we are not satisfied . So people start business to met that wants and needs.

C= Control of own time and destiny. People start business because they can have own control over time and what they love to do.

C= Challenges that they face also can be a motivation why people start business. Facing some challenges forces them to start a business. I too started that way.

E= En cash their talent. Some have certain talents and by starting business gives them opportunity to make money with their talents like drawing, cooking and many more. All of us have this one and identify which of our talents that can produce more money than get started.

E= Enable others to become successful or wealthy. Some people start business because they want to help others become successful. Example starting enrichment classes like some of my friends whom started the business mainly to help others.

D= Desire. Many start business because of desire to grow big, become wealthy, desire becoming millionaires. Desire to live their dreams.

these are some of the motivation why people start business. For those of you dont know what to do or what to start please look into this acronym SUCCEED and you may find one business idea.

All the best and remember JUST DO IT!!!!!!

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BMW Solution Circle

It had been a very great days from last week until today as many many many talks and seminars and workshops……..

From BIJAK BELANJA, School innovation programs, kompas wang talk, E Book follow ups also talks in Malaysia as well.

And I still will be doing the very fresh and HOT –BMW solution Circle on 23 and 24 at my office.

Again this is a limited pax session and its FOC. Be the few first one to be benefited from this 2 hours session.

For registration please do call 62200701 or sms 84487371

do check here for more info and online registration..

Biz Tip: L O V E

How have you been? What about the last business tips. DId you gain some knowledge from it? DId you apply some of the tips in your business? Those of you who missed click here

I met 2 successful business owners recently . One from Middle East and another is owner of successful airline company. It was a private meeting that i always have with my mentors.

Interestingly both of them this time around told me few things that are very very similar. It was a great learning for me. It always great to learn something from very very very successful.

One of the secret of their success are LOVE. They LOVE their customers and their business

We too can become successful if we start to  LOVE our business. So why wait start to LOVE your business and customers using  L O V E way from AbangAbu’s Unique Business Tips.

Start to  L O V E
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Workshops everyday for the whole week.

Just feel like writing something about innovation today since this week having a lots of programs related to this topic.

It was all about innovation and i had a very inspiring day and infact i learn so many new things today from the students from Millinea Institue , Had a great time today and i will be having another session tommorow again with the students to complete super innovation projects.

And AbangAbu learnt alot of new things while sharing with them. I come out with one innovative MAGIC that work wonders with the students….. ( hehehe if you want to know do come to my talks and seminars where i might share with you).
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Belia & Bisnes

Mudah cetak

12 Mac 2010


Kalau tidak tahu, hendaklah bertanya…

Abang Abu
RAMAI usahawan baru beranggapan mereka tidak berupaya mendapatkan pandangan ataupun nasihat untuk memulakan perniagaan kerana mereka perlukan wang bagi membayar konsultan perniagaan.

Mereka juga beranggapan hanya syarikat besar sahaja yang mampu mempunyai pasukan penasihat dalam perniagaan mereka. Mereka juga malu bertanya dan inilah satu punca utama mengapa banyak perniagaan usahawan Melayu tidak dapat bertahan lama atau tidak dapat berkembang.
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Personal Freedom vs Financial Freedom

Just a thought that comes to my mind after a short skype routine with my mentor in US.

Personal Freedom = Financial Freedom ?       right or wrong?

After some thoughts AbangAbu believes that Personal Freedom > Financial Freedom . Why?

Personal Freedom is being happy , feeling great and full of gratitude. And that has nothing to do with money. Even though having financial freedom will give you personal freedom ,it is not necessarily that you must get financial freedom in order to feel happy.

Feeling happy is a state of mind and nothing to do with money. People don’t really understand this important secret. Happiness attract wealth and money.

So here i would like to share some points and statements for you to feel happy.
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Biz Tips : F A M I L Y

One common question that been asked to me regards family run business is that ” how to make our kids involve in our business?”

Do you own a business? Do you have kids? Do you want them involved in your business? Do you want them to run it one day? Oh, and by the way, do you get a day older every day?

Hence my son Ahshik also started to run his business and also involved in my business people start asking abangabu questions.

The question was whether I did that on purpose, or what did I do to make that happen.
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YEN@DPPMS News: E book Workshop all seats filled up

NIAGA DALAM TALIAN: (Dari kanan) Encik Shaheed, Master Arshad dan Abang Abu akan menjayakan bengkel mengajar peserta cara berniaga menerusi e-book dan pemasaran Internet. — Foto DPPMS

Mudah cetak

4 Mac 2010


Bengkel maraton tingkat niaga Internet

Rosebi Mohd Sah
MENGGUNAKAN Internet sebagai alat pemasaran baru untuk terus meningkatkan penjualan dan pendapatan bagi perniagaan baru mahupun perniagaan yang ada.

Bagi memanfaatkan sepenuh tujuan itu, Rangkaian Usahawan Muda Dewan Perniagaan dan Perusahaan Melayu Singapura (DPPMS) atau Yen@SMCCI akan mengadakan bengkel maraton tentang penggunaan e-book (buku elektronik) dan menggunakan Internet bagi tujuan meningkatkan penjualan perniagaan.

Bengkel sehari pada Ahad ini yang akan diadakan di bangunan Dewan, Jalan Pinang, disokong oleh syarikat perunding cara Internet, Ed Borhan Pte Ltd, dan Now Asia (Chicago Style LLP).

Bengkel itu akan menampilkan dua penceramah yang mahir dalam bidang Internet dan e-book – pemilik syarikat Ed Borhan Pte Ltd, Encik Nur Shaheed Borhan; dan pakar FaceBook dari Kedah, Encik Arshad atau lebih dikenali sebagai Master Arshad.

Berkerusi roda dan sebagai usahawan berusia 23 tahun, Encik Arshad belajar sendiri kursus-kursus Internet secara dalam talian selama setahun lebih untuk meningkatkan kemahirannya dalam pelbagai bidang Internet.

Dengan kemahiran teknologi maklumat (IT) itu, beliau, yang suka mengarang buku dalam bahasa Melayu di Malaysia, kini dapat menjual hasil karyanya menerusi Internet dan menjana sekitar RM13,000 ($5,400) sebulan.

‘Para peserta bengkel ini akan diajar bagaimana mencari pelbagai idea dan inspirasi untuk menulis e-book peribadi mereka sendiri dengan menggunakan sofwe e-book yang akan disediakan secara percuma semasa bengkel itu.

‘Satu lagi ilmu yang akan diajar kepada para peserta dalam bengkel itu ialah bagaimana memaksimumkan keuntungan perniagaan menerusi penggunaan pasaran Internet,’ kata Encik Abuayubul Ansari, Pengerusi Yen@SMCCI.

E-book peribadi dapat mengasingkan seseorang daripada pesaingnya. Ia boleh menggalakkan masyarakat awam supaya menjalankan perniagaan secara langsung dengan pemilik e-book peribadi itu.

Pelbagai maklumat dan tip seperti bagaimana untuk menentukan harga dan memasarkan e-book juga akan dikongsi dalam bengkel tersebut.

Bagi mereka yang tidak mempunyai komputer riba peribadi, bengkel itu telah mendapatkan syarikat penyewa komputer, Buttersnapz, untuk menyediakan komputer riba bagi para peserta semasa bengkel tersebut.

Seminar dalam bahasa Melayu itu akan diadakan dari 8.30 pagi hingga 8 malam dan disertakan dengan jamuan.

Bayaran $350 dikenakan bagi bengkel sepanjang hari itu. Namun Yen@SMCCI akan menyediakan cara pembayaran fleksibel bagi mereka yang memerlukan bantuan kewangan.

Mereka yang berminat boleh menghubungi syarikat NowAsia di talian 6220-0701 atau 9146-3164 atau 8364-7260.

YEN juga ingin berkerjasama dengan mana manapihak yang mengendalikan sebarang workshop dan latihan keusahawan. Sila hubungi pengerusi Yen AbangAbu di talian 91463164.

Human touch. Its still the most powerful marketing

Thought this will be useful…. even how power a machine can be the human touch will beat everything….

The Human Connection by My mentor to me.

For years, we’ve been hearing about how bad airline service
is, but I still recall a United employee who impressed me
enough to forgive the company, give them another try, and I
even bought her a small box of candy from the airport gift
shop! What did she do that was so impressive?
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