Hi all, have you join ” SIMPAN Challenge” , I believe most of you done and I am indeed need all the support from everyone in the community to support by joining in and bringing on more to join and benefit from it.

Today I got an email from a friend and felt it is worth sharing to all of you. They call them Young Muslim.

Do you like to Invest during Ramadhan, Than all these below will be the best investments.

1) Give a QUR’AN to someone, Each they read it you will gain good deeds.


2) Donate a wheelchair to the old folks home ( jamiyah). And everytime a sick person uses it you will gain good deeds.


3) Share some constructive reading to someone . Every time you do this you will gain good deeds.(share this with all you know)


4) Help in educating a child. ( an orphan even better)


5) Teach Someone recite a Doa and each time they recite you will gain good deeds. SImpan Challenge have this together with daily tips and doa.


These are indeed some of the great investment that one can do in the month off Ramadhan. This is one of the reason Kempen “SIMPAN Challenge” been started. We can get all those above that we mentioned by just participating in SIMPAN Challenge – A GREAT COMMUNITY INITIATIVE that is what a non malay freind told me.

I believe and doa that all in the malay community will participate and benefit from this KEMPEN

CLICK here for Registration and details.

Belia dan bisnes : Tip mendapatkan harga borong.

Ramai yang ingin tahu cara dapatkan pemborong untuk barangan dan perniagaan anda. Hari ini AbangAbu ambil kesempatan semasa menunggu seorang teman yang lewat….

Tip dalam mendapatkan pemborong untuk memulakan perniagaan anda

Satu cara yang baik untuk menambahkan keuntungan anda dalam perniagaan anda adalah dengan mendapatkan barangan anda pada harga borong atau dari pemborong. Tetapi bagaimana untuk mendapatkan pemborong bagi produk anda, juga cara untuk mendapatkan harga yang baik.


Anda harus membuat kajian jika anda ingin mendapatkan keuntungan dari membeli barangan secara borong. Juga dapatkan maklumat akan barangan yang anda ingin jual tadi , jika terdapat permintaan yang tinggi di pasaran.


Ingat, Jangan terus membayar harga yang diminta sebaliknya anda harus membuat tawaran yang lebih rendah . Jika anda tidak meminta maka anda tidak akan dapat. Juga katakana pada mereka bahawa anda akan datang lagi jika mereka memberikan harga yang baik. Pemborong suka pada pelanggan tetap. Anda boleh dapat harga yang amat rendah jika anda membeli barangan yang tidak begitu laris di tempat pemborong itu.


Sebelum anda membeli barang dari pemborong ,pastikan mereka mempunyai lessen perniagaan yang sah. Pastikan juga mereka mempunyai alamat perniagaan , no talian talipon,. Juga talipon mereka untuk mendapatkan kepastian, Jangan membuat bank transfer jika mereka suruh membuat demikian jika anda kurang pasti. Lakukan panggilan talipon dahulu untuk memastikan .


Setelah anda mendapatkan barangan pada harga borong,kini anda harus menjual secara runcit kepada pelanggan anda. Anda akan mendapat pelanggan yang lebih ramai jika anda dapat menjual pada harga yang berpatutan. Ramai yang inginkan produk anda itu. Gunakan alam cyber untuk memasarkan secara percuma. Mulakan Blog anda sendiri.

Anda juga boleh mendapakan tempat di bazaar bazaar dalam menjual barangan anda. Untuk permulaan jangan dapatkan gerai yang mahal sewanya sebaliknya bincangkan dengan yang sudah mempunyai gerai. Minta izin mereka untuk meletakan barangan anda di gerai mereka. Ramai gerai gerai yang memerlukan barangan untuk dijual , lebih lebih lagi di musim perayaan.

Satu tip yang baik sebelum berjumpa pemilik , anda pastikan bahawa barangan anda itu unik, atau mempunyai permintaan yang tinggi.

Bagaimana ? Anda sudah join SIMPAN Challenge ….. Tinggal 18 hari sahaja

SIMPAN Challenge’s- Complementary booklet’s cover revealed

Hi , leading to the SIMPAN Challenge from 1st Sept to 3oth Sept , AbangAbu just decide on the cover of the book that will be only available to SIMPAN Challenge participants.Only the first 1000 who register will get this booklet

It will be available during the launch on the 29th September 2009.  Beside all the 30 Tips that will be given to participants during the 30days challenge. Participant can expect more things from SIMPAN Challenge TEAM ,

AbangAbu will introduce the expert team that will provide the tips on saving and making money, and also the other team who will be supporting SIMPAN Challenge in the coming clog entries.

So don’t wait……. REGISTER NOW

Happy Birthday Singapore.

Hi , Happy Birthday to Singapore.



and to all Singaporean, Congratulations for have develop into such a GREAT nation and still growing.

May all of us take this time to apretiate what the older generation had done for us. We should thanks them for make us having this wonderful way of living.

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Friday Entreprenuer : Senyum Manis

AbangAbu just back from national day celebration. Need go prayers and today i want to introduce an entrepreneur who been onvolve in wedding business and others as well,.

So i believe we all can learn from this sharing. For those who would like abangabu to do an interview about your business do email at   .

SIMPAN Challenge … DAH JOIN ? JOIN CEPAT,,,, SIMPAN Challenge dah nak jelajah Malaysia…..

1)What kind of business do you have? What inspired you to become an entrepreneur business owner?

I am actually in wedding services.

My love for wedding and meeting with people inspired me to start this.I begin with only 1 service which is kendarat service..It begins as early before 1997 but I officially dare to say…we Kendarat Nurul Asraf got recognition on 2000 where we host a big wedding ..a celebrity wedding.

Now I have a website for pengantin to shares wedding pictures and videos..I am now doing videography apart from making wedding cards and many more..

2)Did you need to have a certain mindset to achieve success?

Well initially I started with a simple mindset…build a strong network while learning the trade..snoop around and ask around..try to make friends with those willing to share( not many who willingly would share their trade)

While trying to look for more opportunity and new ideas..I set up a site . Apart from placing my services I also post friend’s services who are in the same trade I met “along the way”. I believe we need to work together to be successful NOT fight each I say I want to make money and enjoy doing it at the same time..

3)Have you noticed certain advantages to being an entrepreneur business owner?

Yeah got more friends from clients,vendors ,etc etc)

That is one of my goals…more friends. I can learn from many good people not just about biz but about life..and beyond!!!

4)Is it difficult to get financing for businesses? If so why and are there any solutions?

Well at this point I am financing my own Biz as I am still a full time employed …I believe I can do both now…and actually it helps me to be more focus and keep thing for sure I can fall back if my biz fail..but I targeted in 5 years time I will quit my lab analyst job to concentrate fully on my biz.

5)Did you have a mentor to help you get started?

I can proudly say my dad..He exposed hardship yet sweetness running a biz as early as when I am about 10 year old.As I must admit (shamely) I do not have a proper mentor . Apart from my dad …books and seminars are my mentors and “my networks” are my mentors too.But I do join forums and members where we share and “teach” each other .I have yet to get a pro one.. (emmmm abangabu…can you?)

6)Approximately how much money did you invest before your business became profitable?

Emmm money is no issue coz I do not need inventory as yet..I only need to invest on a ad-hoc basis..esp when setting up the website and equipments ..but as I go along I find better yet necessary equipment or changes needed then I invest … but as of now almost 10k..

7)What resources were most helpful to you when you were starting your business?

Experiences and interest… and of coz support from the family members and most important…knowledge of what I am giving and providing is vital.Having good people to rely on also helps to boost your Biz . For me understand and reading people is essentials because in my line of biz we meet many kind of people so we got to customize but must not deviate too much…

8)What ways have you found to be most effective in marketing your productor service to get sales?

Ads..Ads…Ads…be it in paper or in forums…or site who got good traffic etc etc….but for me good services are my No1.Ads, When I deliver top rate service and people come back to me again this I consider “effective marketing’

U need to be innovative and sometime crazy or daring..ur ads must not be a boring lines… u need to be more daring or more confident when placing your words in the ads..

Innovative means…u lose money to gain money.. for examples

I do wedding cards…I sponsors some pengantin in some masjid who conducted kursus rumah tangga. Apart of giving or rendering my support to the masjid it also help myself to be more recognize by doing ..

9)What tips can you give others who want to embrace their dream but, don’t have the confidence or feel they don’t have what it takes to succeed?

Believe in yourself… ( emmm copyright eh…lol)

Enjoy and have fun…do not do it just for money but for self confident and satisfaction..believe me …sometime giving is more rewarding then getting paid..( of coz having both is doubly rewarding!!!lol)

10)How do you manage juggling the responsibilities of being a entrepreneur?

Not easy and needs tones and tones of sacrifices. Sometime I ask…hey look at him..he got more time to…and sleep…but I just feel I cannot do this If I need to improve my family life and I also feel I am wasting my time if I cannot not fulfill my dream…Be a big time BOSS!!!( I want to be that since I sold my 1st currypuff

11)What’s next for you?

I am actually in wedding services.

My love for wedding and meeting with people inspired me to start this.I begin with only 1 service which is kendarat service..It begins as early before 1997 but I officially dare to say…we Kendarat Nurul Asraf got recognition on 2000 where we host a big wedding ..a celebrity wedding.

Now I have a website for pengantin to shares wedding pictures and videos..I am now doing videography apart from making wedding cards and many more..

Yeah got more friends (from clients,vendors ,etc etc)

That is one of my goals…more friends. I can learn from many good people not just about biz but about life..and beyond!!!

That is a wonderful sharing and may allah bless senyum manis a greater success coming years.

one of the BEST Nights

Salam ,

AbangAbu would like to share how powerful these nights that been given to us. These are the nights all our wishes and doa’s will be accepted.

Ask forgiveness and make your heart pure and let go all bad things from your heart.

Don’t be jealous of anyone, dont hate anyone , forgive others and focus on what you want.

Ask help and be positif and firm on what you want. It is happening for me and i believe it will for everyone.

Always have good intention and you will get everything that you need without you asking for it. That is the power of these nights.

And SIMPAN CHALLENGE get a booster as Berita Harian ( kelab Ekoniaga will be jointly organize this campaign and bro sujimy will be also providing the daily tips with abangabu. Samsoon Zee will be doing a reality video on the journey of SIMPAN Challenge. Bro Fadzuli will be on the tech site of these campaign.

Ustaz Rahman will provide all the doa’s and hadis and some guide on money and wealth in Islam during this Simpan Challenge. So dont wait , Support by joining and getting others involve.

It is our community and it is our responsiblity to make it better .

Biz Tip : H I T

Hi Everyone, How have you been? I believe all of you are in great health . It been great for AbangAbu. Just that my son Muhammad Ashaz was put in isolation in NUH for 2 days hehehehe. My son age 16 months . AbangAbu stayed with him there now he is back. And you know what , 2 nurse join my Simpan Challenge

AbangAbu planned to launch a saving challenge campaign in September to cultivate the habit of saving within the community . Do support by joining and sharing the news withh whoever you know. I NEED your support. Click SIMPAN Challenge

Today , AbangAbu want to give a tip that will be very useful to make your business a HIT in your industry or area. Everyone would like to build a business that will be a hit. This tip is a very simple one and is important in building a long lasting business.

So AbangAbu believe in order to make your business a HIT ,you must have this HIT in you and business.

So here we go.

H = Honesty

AbangAbu realise than this is a very important element in making your business really hit. Honesty in provinding every single promise that you make to your clients or customers . By being honest to whatever things and being honest with everyone does really help you. AbangAbu had expiriences in this many times. And being honest will make people help you and also give you chances.

This will indirectly make yourself and your business a HIT with all of your customers and client. So choose to be honest in any situation that you might come accros. And also AbangAbu also had many times allows etended time for certain people just because of the honesty that they have.

I = Intergrity

The difference between honesty and intregirty in AbangAbu’s eyes is that honesty is more for others to see and intergrity is for oneself. In Business intergrity is a key element for long term success. Be true to you values and never do something that against your value even when you are in a difficult situations.

Don’t sell a product or service that you know that will never benefit the customers. I have many time come accross people that i coach and my clients that been given something that never benefit them in Insurance and othe investment products. I believe this type of people will lose their clients and future business.

So, keep in mind to have intergrity in whatever you do. A key to A HIT business.

T – Trust

Trust is so important to be build between the customers and the business, the employer and the employee, the boss and the staff , the supplier and the business.

By building a solid trust among these key links in the business. It will destined to become a HIT . Building trust is a journey and a skill. Being a friend , understand your customer and staffs and creating a powerful network will make your business a business that can be trusted.

Having people to talk about you to others is also showing about the important of building trust. This can bring you and your business very far. When people have that trust than as the owner you now carry a bigger responsibilities.

Having mentors and supporters that have trust in you is a key in making your business a HIT. AbangAbu have a few freinds and mentors that have 100% trust in me. When you know that they are people who trust you no matter what happen , will make you really work and strive to achive success.

The most important person that have the most trust in me is my wife. WIthout her trust in the time i were struggling , i wont be enjoying what i am enjoying now.

Trust from your family is critical for your long term success. Build it and dont do stupid things that can crash that trust .

AbangAbu wish all of you to have a HIT business that will grow. glow and globalize.

Last thing to do
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Salam all,

This is from Berita harian,6879,146332,00.html?

1 Ogos 2009


Kursus urus wang menerusi talian

Atiyyah Mohd Said
INGIN tahu cara pengurusan kewangan tanpa menghadiri kelas atau seminar?

Kini orang ramai yang sibuk atau yang ingin berjimat boleh mempelajari asas pengurusan kewangan peribadi serta mencari sumber kewangan sendiri menerusi program online selama 12 bulan.

Program MAP2BRICH itu yang dianjurkan oleh syarikat pendidikan kewangan dan keusahawanan setempat NowAsia telah dilancarkan dua bulan lalu dan sejauh ini telah menerima sekitar 50 peserta.

Menurut pemiliknya, Encik AbuAyubul Ansari, yang juga dikenali sebagai Abang Abu, program itu diadakan kerana telah menerima banyak maklum balas daripada golongan ibu bapa serta orang dewasa yang bekerja yang ingin belajar dari rumah tanpa mengeluarkan banyak wang untuk menghadiri seminar dan bengkel.

‘Sejak kes-kes H1N1 meningkat serta kegawatan ekonomi, kami memutuskan membantu orang ramai belajar dan meningkatkan ilmu kewangan dengan membimbing mereka selama setahun menerusi e-pembelajaran,’ ujar beliau.

Program berkenaan mengajar isu wang secara berperingkat-peringkat melalui cara menarik selama setahun manakala fasa langkah tindakan diadakan setiap empat hari untuk menyesuaikan jadual para peserta yang padat.

Kurikulum itu menumpukan pada aspek hubungan psikologi seseorang dengan wang dan meneroka prinsip dan strategi yang mengajar seseorang berdikari dalam memperolehi sumber pencarian.

Harga biasa bagi kursus tersebut ialah $48.48. Para pembaca Berita Harian diberi diskaun sebanyak $28.50.

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